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Love Grows


Love Grows will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is December 26, 2023

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Author: Ruth Spiro

Illustrator: Lucy Ruth Cummins

Estimated Ship Date: December 26, 2023

A delightful celebration of family, plants, and the boundlessness of love told in poetic letters from aunt to niece from bestselling author Ruth Spiro and beloved artist Lucy Ruth Cummins.

A child’s visit to her aunt's home ignites a passion for plants. As the book begins, the child is now home, receiving a loving note and gift from her aunt – her very own plant baby!

I'm sending this pothos, so while we're apart,

you'll look at its leaves and know you're in my heart.

This gift is followed by others, and with each addition, their relationship blossoms. The young girl blooms. And love grows! A year later, when theaunt comes for a visit, the proud young plantsperson shows off the indoor garden they created; a twin to their aunt’s and a cheerful reminder of theirboundless love.

Each spread includes a sidebar with a fun fact about the new plant.