Pig Town Party


Pig Town Party will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 29, 2024

Author: Lian Cho

Estimated Ship Date: October 29, 2024

Author-illustrator Lian Cho delivers a rib-tickling picture book about a young girl who receives a mysterious invite to a Pig Town party and follows the trail into a secret world of pigs—where epic parties, chase scenes, and a cake heist soon unfold. Hilarious twists abound—hand to fans of K-Fai Steele, Monica Arnaldo, and Mac Barnett. 

When a mysterious invite addressed to “Cutie” arrives in the mail, a young girl follows the mailman through the hedges and discovers a dazzling, secret world of . . . pigs. 

Pigs on bikes. 

Pigs in bakeries. 

Pigs on their way to a mansion. 

Cutie goes to the address on her invite and is welcomed into an epic party of pigs dressed in every costume imaginable. And they love her human costume the most. Cutie realizes their mistake, and she is definitely going to set the record straight. After all, lying is wrong. But being flattered is also loads of fun. And maybe a little distracting. So when they call Cutie’s name to award her for best costume, she doesn’t realize another pig is storming up to stage…and this pig looks angry. Author-illustrator Lian Cho delivers a hilarious tale filled with chase scenes and cake heists in a wildly imagined world.