What Love Looks Like


What Love Looks Like will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is June 18, 2024

Author: Laura Obuobi

Illustrator: Anna Cunha

Estimated Ship Date: June 18, 2024

“Love looks like a hug from the sun, snowflakes on my tongue, gifts from the sea, the smell of flowers, and a brook’s song. But best of all, Papa?”


Love looks like you and me.”

One question must be answered before Afia can slip into a peaceful night’s sleep: What does love look like? With the companionship of her loving papa, Afia journeys to find love and learns that it is the warmth of the sun’s skin-tingling hugs, the babbling brook’s soothing song, and other mesmerizing gifts of nature. But Afia’s quest also teaches her that she may not have to go too far to see the emotion at the heart of the world’s wonders.

From the author of Black Gold, Laura Obuobi, and illustrator Anna Cunha comes a tender, poetic tale filled with serene and vibrant illustrations that capture love’s vastness and shows us that its greatest form is often the one between parent and child.