Tiny Troubles: Nelli's Purpose


Author: Sophie Diao


*Signed Bookplate*

Two small plants who have big troubles and even bigger questions will charm readers in this laugh-out-loud debut picture book by the New York Times bestselling illustrator of I Am Golden, Sophie Diao. Perfect for fans of Goodnight Already! by Jory John and The Creature of Habit by Jennifer E. Smith.

Meet best friends, Nelli and Worthi.

Like all tiny succulents, Nelli and Worthi have VERY busy schedules—napping in the sun, sipping on water drops, and filling the days doing nothing.

But one morning, Nelli wonders: Is there more?

Have you ever heard of a purpose?

Hmm . . . Is it a baked potato?

That doesn’t sound right.

So what is it?

Join two tiny curious best friends as they embark on the ultimate adventure to answer big philosophical questions: What is purpose, and where can one find it?