Breda's Island


Author: Jessie Ann Foley



The first middle grade novel from award-winning author Jessie Ann Foley is a story of broken family ties and the journey one girl must take to find herself. Perfect for fans of When You Trap a Tiger and Shouting at the Rain.

After Breda Moriarity gets caught stealing one too many times, Breda's mom sends her to Ireland—a place she has never been—to live with the grandfather she has never met.

While Breda doesn’t want to be in this strangely beautiful land, she finally gets to meet her granda, her mom’s father. He’s a grumpy farmer who is also a seanchaí, a traditional Gaelic storyteller. But the most important story to Breda is the one nobody will talk about: what happened to her absent father. If nothing else this summer, Breda is determined to figure out the truth about her family’s history—and herself.

This powerfully poignant middle grade novel asks important questions about immigration, estranged relationships, and family secrets.