The Untimely Passing of Nicholas Fart: A Who-Dealt-It Mystery


Author: Josh Crute


Illustrator: James Rey Sanchez

*Signed Bookplate!*

The first installment in a funny young chapter book graphic novel series, perfect for fans of Clue and whodunit mysteries: Nicholas Fart passes out after smelling something foul, and it’s up to Penelope Whiff to sniff out the culprit who dealt it. 

Once there was a smell so stinky…

A reek so foul…

That Nicholas Fart toppled from his chair, rolled across the carpet, and passed out cold on the floor.

It was the perfect crime.

Never fear! Penelope Whiff is on the case, and she is sure to get to the bottom of this who-dealt-it mystery. Can she sniff out the source of the nasty, PUTRID smell?

In a new series that promises to be laugh-out-loud funny, Josh Crute teams up with dynamic illustrator James Rey Sanchez to introduce young readers to a gang of friends and a sleuth who will stop at nothing to solve the silliest of mysteries.