Nothing Sung and Nothing Spoken


Author: Nita Tyndall


*Signed Bookplates*

Fans of Ruta Sepetys, Monica Hesse, and Malinda Lo will devour this heart-wrenching queer historical YA romance set in the underground Swing Youth movement of World War II Berlin. 

Charlotte Kraus would follow Angelika Haas anywhere—which is how she finds herself in an underground club one Friday night the summer before World War II, dancing to contraband American jazz and swing music, suddenly feeling that anything might be possible.

Unable to resist the allure of sharing this secret with Geli, Charlie returns to the club again and again, despite the dangers of breaking the Nazi Party’s rules. Soon, terrified by the tightening vise of Hitler’s power, Charlie and the other Swingjugend are drawn to larger and larger acts of rebellion. But the war will test how much they are willing to risk—and to lose.