Helping Hospital


Author: Lindsay Ward

Illustrator: Lindsay Ward

Richard Scarry’s Busy World meets Lisa Brown’s The Airport Book with a medical spin in this interactive Community Helpers book that introduces children to all the workers, units, patients, technology, and more that exist within a hospital. Plus the oversized, paper-over-board format will make this book stand out! 

Welcome to the Helping Hospital! Everyone here works together to keep the town of Honey Hill safe and healthy. Emmy's mommy is having a baby. Leo hurt his arm playing baseball. Annabelle is due for a check-up. Who will help them at the Helping Hospital? 

This introduction to a welcoming, modern hospital, filled with modern technology, diversity, mental health professionals, and more will help readers see that the hospital isn’t a scary place. The book also includes a detailed glossary, cool cut-outs, counting prompts, and search-and-find elements that make this book fun and interactive!