The Grandmaster's Daughter


Author: Dan-ah Kim

Illustrator: Dan-ah Kim

Imagination and determination fuel a young black belt as she leads her friends on a mission to protect their dojang. Author-illustrator Dan-ah Kim’s debut is a celebration of teamwork, friendship, and martial arts and will be adored by fans of The Three Ninja Pigs and Hello, Ninja

Sunny is the grandmaster’s daughter. She sweeps the floors, waters the plants, and practices with her nunchucks—sometimes she even makes mistakes. She teaches other young students how to kihap. But when their kihaps grow loud and bold enough to shake the mountains, Sunny leads her friends in defending the dojang against magical creatures . . . or perhaps that’s just in their imaginations. It’s up to the reader to decide!

Dan-ah Kim’s debut is a spirited story about martial arts that celebrates teamwork, imagination, and perseverance—and that centers around a young girl. The simple text and vivid artwork make this picture book accessible and appealing to all readers. The Grandmaster’s Daughter is an irresistible read-aloud and features backmatter explaining Tae Kwon Do and outlining the five tenets of the practice.