Ember and the Island of Lost Creatures (Paperback)


Author: Jason Pamment


Illustrator: Jason Pamment

*Signed Bookplates!*

From Treasure in the Lake’s Jason Pamment comes a story of friendship and self-discovery, in a gorgeously illustrated world perfect for fans of Hilda and Over the Garden Wall.

Ember is a tiny boy (literally) all alone in a giant world who longs to fit in. His dream may finally come true when his adopted guardian, Lua, a warmhearted sea turtle, escorts him across the ocean to a school for little creatures on the mysterious Puzzle Island. This hidden place is brimming with fantastical life, and as Ember explores the lush forests and deep caves, he’s filled with wonder and curiosity. There’s only one problem—his new classmates don’t seem at all interested in being his friend.

As Ember struggles to adapt to his new home, he finds himself at the heart of an otherworldly mystery, facing a strange creature from the deep that threatens everything he holds dear. But as any astute student of nature knows, appearances can be deceiving—and friendship can come from the most unexpected of places.