The Cryptid Club #3: The Chupacabra Hoopla


Author: Michael Brumm


Illustrator: Jeff Mack

*Signed Copies!*

The Chupacabra Hoopla is the third title in the hilarious, four-book, graphic novel series The Cryptid Club. Super sleuth Lily, her younger brother, Henry, their neighbor Oliver, friend Ernie, and nemesis-turned-comrade Daisy must band together to figure out why the chupacabra is stealing all their lunches before all the kids at school lose it from hunger.

The Cryptid Club is hungry for a new adventure! When the school lunches go missing and mysterious spaghetti-sauce tracks lead to the woods, Lily has no choice but to enlist the help of her main nemesis, Daisy, to help catch the crook. As the school continues to go without any food, the starving students begin fighting over the last crumbs. Then the school custodian reports that his sandwich was stolen by a large-eyed creature with sharp claws! Can Lily, Henry, Oliver, Ernie, and Daisy solve the mystery of the chupacabra before the entire school turns into the hunger games?