The Cryptid Club #2: A Nessie Situation


Author: Michael Brumm

Illustrator: Jeff Mack

A Nessie Situation is the second book in the hilarious four-book graphic novel series The Cryptid Club. Super sleuth Lily, her younger brother, Henry, their neighbor Oliver, and new friend Ernie band together to figure out if the Loch Ness Monster is really hiding in their school’s bathroom.

When Lily learns that a strange monster might be living in the school’s bathroom, she knows that the Cryptid Club has found their next case! But when the club discovers strange writing on the bathroom stalls and that something is stealing paper and pens, they know it’s going to take some super-duper sleuthing to crack this caper. Then the monster starts popping up in the school toilets, and things quickly go from bad to the worst! The principal has ordered all the bathrooms closed—immediately! Now Lily, Henry, Oliver, and their new friend, Ernie, have to solve the mystery before the entire school has an accident of epic proportions. It’s the second book in the hilarious new four-book graphic novel from author and Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer, Michael Brumm, and bestselling illustrator Jeff Mack.