Kit and the Nine-Tailed Fox

The Mythics


Kit and the Nine-Tailed Fox will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is May 14, 2024

Author: Lauren Magaziner

Illustrator: Mirelle Ortega

Estimated Ship Date: May 14, 2024

Case Closed author Lauren Magaziner and artist Mirelle Ortega deliver the third book in the highly illustrated middle grade fantasy series full of action, adventure, friendship, and mystical creatures. In this installment, Kit and Pippa must retrieve their familiars as the Mythics uncover a secret nefarious plot from Golden Jumpsuit. 

It’s been eight weeks since Pairing Day when the Mythics—Kit, Marina, Hailey, Ember, and Pippa—learned that they are the only ones who can save Terrafamiliar. With Golden Jumpsuit tracking their every move, the Mythics are on edge, and now it’s Kit’s turn to find her Mythie. Kit has a hard time relying on others and she always expects the worst to happen. She’s also never had a team like the Mythics to help her.

Kit’s search for her mythical familiar leads to surprising secrets about the magic and history of Terrafamiliar. The Mythics realize there are bigger and darker forces at play. With Golden Jumpsuit on their trail again and her followers scattered everywhere, Kit and the Mythics must learn to follow their instincts and lean on each other. Or risk watching Terrafamiliar crumble before their eyes.