The Mythics #1: Marina and the Kraken


Author: Lauren Magaziner


Illustrator: Mirelle Ortega

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Each year on Pairing Day, every ten-year-old in Terrafamiliar gets an animal familiar. Marina can’t wait to bond with her animal companion for life. But when the ceremony ends and every familiar has found its human, Marina doesn’t have one. Nor do four other girls! It signals that this is a dangerous time and the five girls are Mythics — girls who must fine their familiars, instead of having familiars find them. But the Mythics’ familiars aren’t regular animals — they’re mythical beasts that the girls must earn in quests of courage. Marina and her new friends are now on the adventure of their lives to find their Mythics. Danger lurks everywhere, as others also seek these powerful beasts. Your young adventurers will thrill to this first exciting tale in this new series!

Ages 8–12. 160pp