If You're a Kid Like Gavin


Author: Gavin Grimm & Kyle Lukoff


Illustrator: J Yang



This picture book memoir from transgender activist Gavin Grimm, with Stonewall Award–winning author Kyle Lukoff and illustrator J Yang, is an inspiring portrayal of Gavin’s fight for civil rights after his school discriminated against him for being trans.

When you’re a kid like Gavin Grimm, you know yourself best. And Gavin knew that he was a boy—even if others saw him as a girl. But when his school took away his right to something as simple as using the boy’s restroom, Gavin knew he had a big decision to make.

Because there are always more choices than the ones others give you.

Gavin chose to correct others when they got his pronouns wrong. He asked to be respected. He stood up for himself. When Gavin took his case to the courts and proved that his school had violated his constitutional rights, he brought about a historic win for trans rights.

There are many kids out there, some just like Gavin Grimm, and they might even be you.

What choices will you make?