The Bicycle: How an Act of Kindness Changed a Young Refugee's Life


Author: Patricia McCormick, Mevan Babakar


Illustrator: Yas Imamura

*Copies Signed by Patricia McCormick, Available While Supplies Last!*

The true story of how a simple act of kindness changed a young refugee’s life—from award-winning author Patricia McCormick with Mevan Babakar.

For generations, Mevan and her family lived in their beloved Kurdistan. But when they are forced to flee by the Iraqi government, Mevan must leave everything behind. Her family travels from country to country in search of safety; and with each stop, Mevan feels more and more alone. Until . . . a stranger’s gift changes everything.

Based on the true story of Mevan Babakar’s own childhood, this is a moving reminder of how powerful just one act of kindness can be.