Gamerville (Hardcover)


Gamerville (Hardcover) will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is July 16, 2024

Author: Johnnie Christmas

Estimated Ship Date: July 16, 2024

In Johnnie Christmas’s newest offering, a video gamer’s championship aspirations are dashed when his parents send him to Camp Reset, a summer camp where electronics are forbidden and you're forced to socialize, eat healthy, and spend time outside. Gamerville is a timely and vulnerable exploration of the importance of human connection and what it means to run in a pack.

Max is howling at the moon—he’s finally qualified for Gamerville, a championship where players compete to be top dog in the multiplayer video game Lone Wolf of Calamity Bay. But his dreams of domination are doomed when his parents send him to Camp Reset. Gone are the long nights of downing energy drinks and getting copious amounts of screen time. They've been replaced with fresh air and group activities under the hot sun—a shock to the system for a lone wolf like Max. Can Max escape Camp Reset and level up at Gamerville, or has he finally played his last match?