Swim Team (Paperback)


Author: Johnnie Christmas


Illustrator: Johnnie Christmas

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*2022 National Book Award Longlist*

Moving from Brooklyn to Florida is a big change for Bree and she’s nervous about her first day at her new middle school. Still, she excited about taking the elective on math puzzles, till she finds it’s already full and she’s stuck in Swimming 101. Though the thought of swimming makes Bree queasy, she's forced to dive headfirst into one of her greatest fears. Lucky for her, Etta, an elderly occupant of her apartment building and former swim team captain, is willing to help. With Etta’s training and a lot of hard work, Bree suddenly finds her swim-crazed community counting on her to turn the school’s failing team around. But that’s easier said than done, especially when their rival, the prestigious Holyoke Prep, has everything they need to leave her team in their wake. Your young puzzlers and swimmers will be cheering for Bree as she wades into the world of competitive swimming and discovers school spirit!

Ages 8–12. 256pp