Meet Cute Diary


Author: Emery Lee

In this own voices rom-com debut, a transgender teen must decide if he’s dedicated to romantic formulas or open to unpredictable love after an internet troll attack on his blog compels him and a fan to start fake dating.

Noah Ramirez thinks he’s an expert on romance. He has to be for his popular blog, the Meet Cute Diary, a collection of trans meet cutes. There’s just one problem: all the stories are fake. What started as a trans boy’s daydreams has grown into a blog with thousands of devoted, hopeful followers.

When a troll exposes the Diary as fiction, Noah’s world unravels. The only way to save his blog is to convince everyone that the stories are true, but how? Then Drew walks into Noah’s life, and the pieces fall into place: Drew is willing to fake-date Noah to save the Diary.

Noah quickly realizes that dating in real life isn’t the same as crafting idealized meet cutes. With his blog and his heart hanging in the balance, Noah will have to choose between following his own advice or accepting that some of the most romantic endings are the ones that go off script.

From exciting new talent Emery Lee comes a delightfully wise story about love and identity that is brimming with heart and humor.