Puppy in My Head : A Book About Mindfulness


Author: Elise Gravel

Illustrator: Elise Gravel

In her interactive, comforting new picture book, Elise Gravel guides readers through managing their anxiety and other emotions by telling them they have a "puppy in their head" that needs to be calmed and cared for.

"Eek! What is it, Ollie?"

Kids experience anxiety and can feel overwhelmed just like adults do, and this picture book serves as both a story and a step-by-step guide to help calm kids down. Ollie is the puppy living inside our narrator's head, and when Ollie panics or is too energetic, the narrator handles the situation by meditating and talking it out with an adult.

In plain language and with a rare sense of understanding and compassion, Elise Gravel tackles anxiety in children head-on with bold colors and whimsical illustrations. This picture book also features a recommendation from a pediatrician who feels the book is a brilliant approach for kids with anxiety.

Perfect for bedtime or the classroom, the book will have readers walking away better equipped to handle the puppies in their own heads.