What If You Wish?


Author: Anne Appert


*Signed Copies, While Supplies Last!*

A gentle tale of a child who embarks on a magical journey and transforms their worries into optimistic wonder by simply asking "What if?" 

Perfect for fans of When Things Aren't Going Right, Go Left; Just One Little Light; What the Road Said; and other inspirational graduation, baby shower, springtime, and birthday books for little dreamers and optimists.

When a spring breeze blows,

a quiet promise whispers,

What if?

As spring approaches, there is a lot of curiosity in the air that sparks the imagination of a young child. Their curiosities about life launch them into the air among bubblegum-colored clouds and bright yellow birds.

But when storm clouds fill the sky, the child begins to worry. They begin to wonder "What if?" What if something goes wrong?

After they ask the question enough, a familiar spark appears in the darkness of the unknown, and the child follows it into a world of new possibility.

In this classic-in-the-making picture book, one child learns the true power of positive thinking, perseverance, and wonder.