Anybody Here Seen Frenchie?


Author: Leslie Connor


*Signed Bookplate*

A big-hearted, beautiful, and funny novel told from multiple viewpoints about neurodiversity, friendship, and community from the award-winning author of The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle, Leslie Connor.

Eleven-year-old Aurora Petrequin’s best friend has never spoken a word to her. In fact, Frenchie Livernois doesn’t talk to anyone.

Aurora is bouncy, loud, and impulsive—a big old blurter. Making friends has never come easy to her. So when Frenchie, who is autistic, silently chose Aurora as his person back in third grade, she was all in. In fact, she chose him back. After all, they make a good team: Frenchie is always a willing audience to Aurora’s endless discourse, and Aurora is Frenchie’s trusted interpreter and protector. Together, they've rambled all over their corner of coastal Maine, exploring beaches and bird-watching and taking care of each other.

But now it’s the start of sixth grade, and Aurora and Frenchie have been placed in separate classes. As Aurora begins to make new friends, she starts to realize what she’s been missing by having Frenchie as her only companion. Frenchie likes doing the same things, every single day. Frenchie will only play a handful of games. But still, Aurora feels terrible, like she's abandoning Frenchie.

One morning, Frenchie doesn’t make it to his classroom. Aurora is certain it is her fault for not watching over him as carefully as she used to. For spending less time with him. For making other friends . The entire town begins to search, banding together to find Frenchie. 

In the end, Aurora and Frenchie both learn that maybe it's okay to depend on more than just one person, even if they're you're oldest and best friend.