Finding Junie Kim


Author: Ellen Oh

Junie Kim just wants to fit in. From We Need Diverse Books cofounder Ellen Oh comes a relatable and powerful own voices tween novel about Junie’s road to embracing herself and her Korean heritage. This book was inspired by Oh’s family’s real-life experiences facing both modern-day racism and heartache and bravery during the Korean War. Perfect for fans of Other Words for Home and When My Name Was Keoko.

A captivating coming-of-age, own voices novel about Korean American Junie Kim. While facing racist vandalism at her middle school, Junie learns of her grandparents’ experiences as lost children during the Korean War and finds her inner strength.

Junie Kim just wants to fit in. So she keeps her head down and tries not to draw attention to herself. But when racist graffiti appears at her middle school, Junie must decide between staying silent or speaking out.

Then Junie’s history teacher assigns an oral history project—and when Junie decides to interview her grandparents, she soon uncovers their unbelievable tales of bravery as kids during the Korean War.

Junie must find the courage to do what is right, just as her grandparents did. And as racism becomes more pervasive at school, Junie now knows what she must do.