The Animal Rescue Agency #1: Case File: Little Claws

Animal Rescue Agency


Author: Eliot Schrefer

When a little polar bear cub winds up trapped on an ice floe heading out to sea, his mother knows there’s only one place to turn: the Animal Rescue Agency!

Dashing Esquire Fox used to organize the world’s most elaborate chicken raids, until the day she encountered Mr. Pepper. Meeting the blustery old rooster changed her heart, convincing her to turn from a life of crime and instead form the Animal Rescue Agency, which masterminds rescue operations across the globe.

Esquire and her unlikely chicken business manager, Mr. Pepper, coordinate with their far-flung agents to get them to the Arctic. In that frozen land they learn that what happened to the polar bear cub was no accident—and that saving him will pit them against the scariest predator in the world: a human.