Year of the Cat


Author: Richard Ho


Illustrator: Jocelyn Li Langrand

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Rat feels guilty. Not about finishing first in the Great Race and claiming a year of the calendar. No, he feels guilty for pushing Cat in the river. He suggests to the other 11 animals who finished the race and each received a year in the Chinese Zodiac that perhaps they should all apologize to Cat. He may have pushed Cat in the river, but they did nothing to help him. So they set out on the long and daring journey to the mountain top where Cat lives. One by one the animals fall behind as Rat tricks them into helping him. Just as he reaches Cat, he slips and is about to fall when who should rescue him, but Cat! Rat apologizes, asking if Cat is upset that he doesn’t have a year. No, Cat replies, because every year is the year of the Cat! Your young children will love watching clever Rat learn his lesson as they cheer for the extra-clever Cat!

Ages 4–8. 40pp