The Goldilocks Zone: Real Facts About Outer Space


Author: Drew Sheneman

Illustrator: Drew Sheneman

Head out on an interstellar adventure in learning with Golidlocks and Baby Bear as they travel across our solar system in The Goldilocks Zone, an informative and hilarious nonfiction picture book from award-winning author-illustrator Drew Sheneman.

For as long as people have stared up at the stars, we’ve wondered if there could be life on other planets. But the truth is that life as we know it can’t survive anywhere else in our solar system. Venus is way too hot. Neptune is w-a-a-a-ay too cold. And don’t even get us started on Uranus.

But there’s more to Earth than just having the perfect temperature that makes it the best place in the known universe to live. What makes Earth so special? Join Goldilocks and her best friend, Baby Bear, on an interstellar adventure to learn all about our solar system in this informative, hilarious, and 100 percent factual nonfiction picture book by award-winning author, illustrator, and cartoonist Drew Sheneman.

This informative and hilarious nonfiction picture book, reviewed by the experts from the American Museum of Natural History, is full of brightly colored, humorous, and scientifically accurate drawings that will delight space lovers of all ages.