Mischief and Mayhem #2: The Cursed Bunny

Mischief and Mayhem


Author: Ken Lamug



See also: Mischief and Mayhem #1: Born to Be Bad

Friendly neighborhood supervillains Mischief and Mayhem are back to tackle middle school and cursed bunny heads in this full-color middle grade graphic novel sequel from author-illustrator Ken Lamug. Perfect for fans of Dog Man and other superheroes!

Missy already defeated her former best friend, the supervillain Melvira, in an epic showdown, so how hard can making friends at middle school be? Well…Bootcamp Leader Gru is the new school principal, and she’s ready to kick Missy out at the first sign of trouble.

Then Melvira enrolls at Missy’s school, and she’s being much too nice. Melvira wants to run for student body president, and Missy doesn’t trust her. Missy starts to seem like the paranoid one for thinking Melvira’s up to something evil again. After many food fights and catfights, Missy and Melvira land in detention together and they’re reminded of how great their friendship used to be. Maybe they could they be friends again—although that didn’t go so well the first time.…

But when a cursed bunny head begins to turn their town into zombies, the two may have to team up once more to fight the greater evil, and discover if they can still be true sisters-in-trouble.