Those Kids from Fawn Creek


Author: Erin Entrada Kelly


The 12 seventh graders at Fawn Creek Middle School in Louisiana have been together forever. And then Orchid Mason arrives. Orchid was born in New York City but just moved to Fawn Creek from Paris. She seems to float, her dress skimming the floor and she wears a flower behind her ear. Fawn Creek Middle might be small, but it has its tightly knit groups — the self-proclaimed “God Squad,” the jocks, the outsiders — just like anyplace else. Who's going to claim Orchid Mason? Who's going to try and save Orchid Mason? Or is Orchid Mason just the person to save all of them? Your young readers will be caught up in this moving tale of identity and authenticity in the face of pressure to conform.

Ages 8–12. 336pp