Wondrous Rex


Author: Patricia MacLachlan

Newbery medal-winning author Patricia MacLachlan weaves a sweet and funny tale about a magical dog named Rex, and how he comes to the aid of seven-year-old Grace and her writer’s block. Complete with black-and-white interior illustrations, this is sure to become another modern-day classic. Now in paperback.

Grace’s aunt Lily is a writer. She works with words every day and teaches Grace interesting words like “melancholy” and “delirious.” But Lily is often “flummoxed” by her own writing. Her stories don’t go anywhere, her desk is a mess, and her writer’s group can’t help.

So Lily posts an ad for an assistant.

The next day, Grace opens the door, and there is Rex: a Labrador Retriever who will change Grace’s life, and Lily’s. The word “amazing” is an everyday word for Rex, who inspires Lily, and helps Grace find the words to write her own story.