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Thesaurus Has a Secret


Thesaurus Has a Secret will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 6, 2020

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Author: Anya Glazer

Illustrator: Anya Glazer

Estimated Ship Date: October 6, 2020

From author-illustrator Anya Glazer comes a humorous picture book about a verbose dinosaur desperately trying to keep his love for reading a secret. A perfect tale for dinosaur fans, word lovers, and book enthusiasts of all ages!

Thesaurus is an ordinary dinosaur. A very ordinary dinosaur . . . who just happens to love words. And the other dinos know that’s just who he is. But behind his verbose and fancy language, Thesaurus has also been keeping something absolutely, very, extremely top secret: his love of reading. And other dinosaurs, well, they just don’t read.

But as his lies begin to stack up, someone begins to notice. And if the other dinos discover what Thesaurus is hiding, they won’t think he’s such a normal dinosaur.