Homerooms and Hall Passes: Heroes Level Up

Homerooms and Hall Passes


Homerooms and Hall Passes: Heroes Level Up will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 6, 2020

Author: Tom O'Donnell

Estimated Ship Date: October 6, 2020

Our heroes head back to Suburbia to battle the tyranny of cliques, standardized tests, and—oh yeah, an evil warlock—in the sequel to Homerooms and Hall Passes. Dungeons & Dragons meets Jumanji in this the clever, hilarious adventure novel.

Months after saving Suburbia from destruction, our heroes are back to their old lives of dungeon-delving and magical quests. All except the wizard Albiorix, who has given up adventuring and uses his time trying (unsuccessfully) to create his own board game. However, when the party finds their old friend June Westray’s smartphone for sale in a Bríandalörian bazaar, they fear the Realm of Suburbia is once more under threat.

Thus, the five young adventurers must travel back into Homerooms & Hall Passes, a role-playing game where they assume the characters of average American kids. This time they’re 9th level and will face a whole new set of challenges—their freshman year of high school! There are different cliques, different rules, and higher stakes. And if all that wasn’t stressful enough, the heroes must track down an evil spellbook, defeat a sinister new foe, and figure out how to get back home.