Wrath & Mercy

The Bright & the Pale


Author: Jessica Rubinkowski

Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sara Raasch, this epic second book in Slavic folklore–based YA fantasy duology The Bright & the Pale follows Valeria as she works to truly free her people from the Czar and the Bright God—at whatever the cost.

Surviving the ill-fated expedition to Knnot, Valeria, Alik, and the others have found refuge in Valeria's village. With her family at long last released from the curse that trapped them in ice for a decade, Valeria should find comfort in their reunion. But everything has changed—including herself. For now, Valeria is the Pale God's chosen champion. And she is ready for revenge on the Czar.

With the power gifted to her by the Pale God, she will do whatever it takes to liberate her people. Even if that means stealing the Czar's son away from the safety of the Winter Palace. As Alik watches Valeria struggle to maintain control over the god she holds captive, he begs her to sever the connection. For it is clear the Pale God plans a revenge of his own.

The inevitable is coming—one final battle. And Valeria must be ready to sacrifice everything—even her love for Alik—to win.