The Archer at Dawn

Tiger at Midnight


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Estimated Ship Date is June 15, 2021

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Author: Swati Teerdhala

Estimated Ship Date: June 15, 2021

Dangerous romances and royal intrigue pulse through the second book of Swati Teerdhala’s South Indian–inspired teen fantasy trilogy, as rebels infiltrate the royal court to rescue a long-lost princess hidden away by a tyrannical king. Now in paperback!

The Sun Mela is many things: a call for peace, a cause for celebration, and, above all, a deadly competition. For Kunal and Esha, finally working together as rebel spies, it provides the perfect guise to infiltrate King Vardaan’s vicious court.

Kunal will return to his role as dedicated Senap soldier, there to provide extra security to the palace during the peace summit for the divided nations of Jansa and Dharka. Meanwhile, Esha will use her new role as adviser to Prince Harun to keep an eye on shifting political parties and seek out allies for their rebel cause. A radical plan is underfoot to rescue back Jansa’s long-lost Princess Reha—the key to the stolen throne.

But amid the mela games and glittering festivities, much more dangerous forces lie in wait. With the rebel Blades’ entry into Vardaan’s court, a match has been lit, and long-held secrets will force Kunal and Esha to reconsider their loyalties—to their country and to each other. Getting into the palace was the easy task; coming out together will be a battle for their lives.