Agent Lion


Author: Jacky Davis

Illustrator: David Soman

In an upside-down detective tale, Ladybug Girl creators David Soman and Jacky Davis introduce a new picture book character: Agent Lion. When a beloved cat goes missing, Agent Lion is certain he’ll find her in no time! Until…he doesn’t.

Agent Lion is sure he’s the best detective in town…

…but he doesn’t quite have a clue!

When Agent Lion gets a call from Ms. Flamingo to say that Fluffy the Cat is missing, he jumps at the opportunity to find her! After searching the entire apartment building—with many distractions along the way—Agent Lion just about gives up when there’s no sign of Fluffy.

Will the clueless Agent Lion ever crack the case?

In this hilarious detective story, Ladybug Girl creators Jacky Davis and David Soman introduce a charming character who is quick-thinking yet absent-minded and who LOVES jelly donuts.