Author: Tiffany D. Jackson


17-year-old Enchanted Jones has absolutely no memory of what happened the previous night. Which is a really bad thing when she wakes up with blood on her hands and the police knocking at her door. Korey Fields, a legendary R&B artist, is dead. He was supposed to make Enchanted’s dreams of becoming a singer come true, but now it looks like she might have been the one who killed him. As Enchanted tries to clear her name and find Korey’s real murderer, she is forced to come to terms with Korey’s dark side – the way he controlled her every move and made her life a nightmare. Your teens will be floored by this gripping thriller as Enchanted grapples with her past and the abuse, grooming, and emotional manipulation she endured in her relationship with Korey. Ages 14 and up. 384pp.