Odd Gods: The Oddlympics*

Odd Gods

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Author: David Slavin


Illustrator: Adam J.B. Lane


*SIGNED BOOKPLATE by illustrator

Oddonis and his misfit friends don’t exactly love competition and they aren’t exactly athletes. So they’re definitely NOT excited when their middle school gets challenged to a sports competition by the Roman middle school on the other side of Mount Olympus.

It’s bad enough that the Greek Odds have to compete against their Roman twins, but when Zeus and his Roman counterpart, Jupiter, get a little too involved, the Greek and Roman kids end up in a competition over who gets to run the WHOLE mountain. Will the Greek Gods and Odds find a way to work together to defeat the Romans, or will they have to leave their hilltop home . . . forever?

Find out in the third hilarious book about the Odd Gods from author David Slavin, illustrated by award-winning artist Adam J.B. Lane.