Author: V.E. Schwab

Number one New York Times bestselling author V. E. Schwab spins a dark, original tale about our world — full of life — a world that mirrors it —haunted by death—and the manor that stands between them. The Secret Garden meets Crimson Peak in this novel perfect for readers of Holly Black and Neil Gaiman. 

All her life, Olivia Prior has wondered who truly she is and where she belongs. Her only clue is a slim, tattered journal. Her mother's journal, full of rambling, unraveling entries, and drawings that look like nothing but blots of ink... until Olivia notices the shapes hidden within. A hand. A door. A bloom. A skull.

Then, a letter beckons Olivia home — to Gallant. The one place her mother's journal warns never to go.

Olivia goes anyway, Of course she does. 

What she finds is her last living relative and her family's manor. A manor with a ballroom and a sitting room and a stdy and a sprawling, vibrant garden — and the crumbling ruin of a garden wall with an iron door. A door that must never be opened.

But no one at Gallant sent Olivia that letter.

And no one will tell her about the ghouls haunting her cousin's dreams, what happened to her mother, or what lies on the other side of the wall.

Was it the shadows themselves that called Olivia home? 

Evocative prose, eerie [black and white] artwork by Šumberac, and superbly rendered characters . . . elevate this affective, bone-chilling standalone from Schwab, which fuses Shirley Jackson’s gothic horror sensibilities with the warmth and dark whimsy of Neil Gaiman.” -Publishers Weekly (starred review)


"A haunting and beautifully tilled garden of darkness, V. E. Schwab's Gallant unearths the shadows—webs of family history, the price of deadly bargains, and the secrets we guard—plunging readers into a triumphant tale that can't be missed." -Dhonielle Clayton, New York Times–bestselling author