Author: Pat Cummings

Trace Carter struggles to feel comfortable in his new home in Brooklyn. His artsy Auntie Lea is cool, but every time he closes his eyes, he flashes back to the horrible accident that took the lives of both of his parents.The accident he miraculously swam away from. Now he’s left with an unfathomable grief he’s unable to process. When Trace takes a wrong turn in the New York Public Library, he finds someone else lost in the stacks with him: a crying little boy, wearing old, tattered clothes. And though at first he can’t quite believe he’s seen a ghost, Trace soon discovers that the boy he saw has ties to Trace’s own history— and that he himself may be the key to setting the dead to rest. Your young readers will get wrapped up in this moving story of grief, love, and the untold stories that echo across time.