Burning Queen

Tangled in Time


Author: Kathryn Lasky

Now a seasoned time-traveler, Rose is suddenly called back to the 16th century to work in Queen Mary’s court. Newly crowned, Queen Mary has Rose making elaborate gowns, as the religiously devout Catholic English queen begins planning to attack Protestants – by burning them at the stake. At her father’s urging, Rose escapes the threat the queen poses and travels to present day Indiana. There she befriends a young immigrant named Marisol, working to protect her new friend from mean girls at school and deportation. But protecting this new-found family makes Rose miss her father and best friend, who are both stuck back in the 16th century. Risking everything to travel back to Queen Mary’s court, Rose hopes she’s not too late to save them from Bloody Mary. Your young readers will be swept away by this time-traveling adventure as Rose fights against prejudices of past and present to save those close to her from unjust persecution.