New Kid


Author: Jerry Craft


Illustrator: Jerry Craft



Seventh-grader Jordan Banks is the new kid at school, which would be hard enough if he also wasn’t one of the only kids of color. He wants to be an artist, but his parents have enrolled him in an academically-focused private school. There he begins to struggle – with the coursework and with how he’s made to not fit in via the microaggres­sions and racial biases he faces each day. Making it worse is his sense that he’s losing touch with his neighborhood friends as well. Torn between two worlds, Jordan must find a way to survive his new school, stay close to his old friends, and be true to himself. Your young readers will be drawn into this stunning graphic novel as Jordan triumphantly discovers how to balance his new life with his old and overcome the discrimination he faces at school. With full color illustrations by the author, this is a stunning graphic novel. Ages 8-12. 256pp.