Left-Handed Booksellers of London*


Author: Garth Nix



In London in 1983, 18-year-old Susan Arkshaw is seeking the father she’s never met. She soon runs into trouble, only to be saved by a mysterious young man named Merlin St. Jacques. Merlin, she learns, is a member of the booksellers – a secret organization who police the magical and dangerous Old World of England from encroaching on modern life. He too is on a quest and is searching for those responsible for killing his mother. As Susan and Merlin join forces, they soon realize that their missions overlap, leading Susan to question who – or what – her father really was. Your teens will be swept up in this thrilling fantasy as old-world magic comes to life in the streets of London and the shelves of old bookshops, threatening to destroy everything. Ages 14 and up. 416pp.