Angel Mage


Author: Garth Nix


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A century ago, Liliath climbed into an empty sarcophagus sealing herself away as the kingdom of Ystara fell. Now she’s returned with just one goal — to reunite with her true love, the archangel of Ystara. Using her unmatched angelic magic, Liliath begins to gain influence. Artfully, she leads four young travelers to unwittingly follow her plan. They couldn’t be more different, and yet they are drawn together as if by fate. But, eventually they realize that Liliath is pulling their strings, and her plans will bring about the end of all they know. Can they stop her before it’s too late? Your teens will be spellbound by this fantastic world and its unforgettable characters as magic, musketeers, and angels mix to create a pulse-pounding, epic tale.