Twisted Fates

Dark Stars


Author: Danielle Rollins

As far as anyone in New Seattle knows, Dorothy has disappeared.

The stowaway from 1913, the girl who Ash maybe—possibly—could’ve loved: she’s gone.

Even though he saw her fall through the anil on their last ill-fated mission through time, Ash can’t stop looking for Dorothy around every dark corner. But what he doesn’t know is that the girl he fell in love with is now Quinn Fox—the very same person who is fated to kill him.

As Ash and his friends watch their hometown of New Seattle fall to crime and decay, Quinn struggles to keep her hold on the bloodthirsty Black Cirkus. When the two finally collide, can they change the course of the future entirely?

Twisted Fates follows Ash and Dorothy into the future and delivers the same breathless adventure and romance as Stolen Time, billed by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kendare Blake as “the kind of time-travel story I’m always on the lookout for.”