When We Caught Fire

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Author: Anna Godbersen

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It’s 1871 and Emmeline Carter is poised to take Chicago’s high society by storm. Her father’s sudden rise to wealth and her recent engagement to Chicago’s most eligible bachelor should mean all her dreams have come true. But the memory of her past life is never far behind. Fiona Byrne, her childhood best friend turned lady’s maid, and Anders Magnuson, the boy Emmeline used to love, are never far from her mind. It’s for this reason that on the eve of her wedding Emmeline asks Fiona to help her see Anders one last time. What if she still loves him? What if she is making a huge mistake marrying someone else? The only trouble is: Fiona loves him too.

It’s only a matter of time before everything goes up in flames: their friendship, their love, and even the city of Chicago itself.

Sweeping, soapy, and romantic, this is a story about an epic love triangle—one that will literally set the city ablaze, and change the lives of three childhood friends forever.