Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex


Author: Mo O'Hara

Illustrator: Andrew Joyner

Reimagined as dinosaurs, Romeo and Juliet are now Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex. Very much like in Shakespeares version, the two youngsters get along great when they meet. But unlike in the original play, the problem here is that no one will be shocked if Juliet Rexs family wants to eat Romeosauruss family. In fact, they serve Romeosauruss aunt Gladys at the banquet! With two families up in arms (very short ones for Juliet Rex), the two dinosaurs decide to run away. Why stay? Theyll never be able to be true friends if their families cant make peaceor if Juliet Rexs family doesnt learn to ignore their roaring appetites.