Finding Orion


Author: John David Anderson

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Rion Kwirk comes from a rather odd family. His mother named him and his sisters after her favorite constellations, and his father makes funky-flavored jelly beans for a living. One sister acts as if shes always onstage and the other is a walking dictionary. But no one in the family is more odd than Rions grandfather, Papa Kwirk. Hes the kind of guy who shows up on his motorcycle only on holidays, handing out crossbows and stuffed squirrels as presents. Rion has always been fascinated by Papa Kwirk, especially since his sonRions fatheris the complete opposite. Where Dad is predictable, nerdy, and reassuringly boring, Papa Kwirk is mysterious, dangerous, and cool.

Which is why, when Rion and his family learn of Papa Kwirks death and pile into the car to attend his funeral and pay their respects, Rion cant help but feel that thats not the end of his story. That theres so much more to Papa Kwirk to discover.

He doesnt know how right he is.