Author: Gordon Korman

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No one speaks about the class in Room 117. They were put all the way out there for a reason. They’re the worst group of misfits, academic train wrecks, and bad apples the school has ever seen. There’s Aldo, who has anger management issues, and Parker, who can’t read but has a conditional driver’s license. Then there’s Elaine, whose name rhymes with pain. And don’t forget Rahim who’s constantly falling asleep at his desk.

There’s a reason they’re called the Unteachables. But what happens when the worst class in school history is paired with the worst teacher? You might be surprised at the results. Your young readers will laugh and cry at all the mayhem, misadventures, and breakthroughs a burnt-out teacher and a group of misfit kids get up to as they come together to try and get a shot at redemption.