Christmas Tree Who Loved Trains


Author: Annie Silverstro

Illustrator: Paola Zakimi

A poignant Christmas tale about a tree who loved trains, and a little boy who loved them, too. Put this in the hands of readers who love The Giving Tree and The Velveteen Rabbit.

A pine tree grew in the farthest corner of the tree farm on a small patch of land that bordered the train track. The tree loved trains. But one morning, when a little boy picks her to be his Christmas tree, she is uprooted and brought to a cramped, dark room, far from the ZOOMING trains she loves.

On Christmas day, the tree wakes to find that a toy train set has been set up around her trunk. The little boy plays around the Christmas tree all day, and for long days after. It is a joyful season.

In the spring, the tree is replanted beside the train track. It is even better than she remembered—because now, the little boy comes to visit.