Return to Zero

Lorien Legacies Reborn


Author: Pittacus Lore

In the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth, human teenagers across the globe have been developing incredible abilities. To deal with the emergence of these powerful and potentially dangerous individuals, the Garde created an academy where they could train this new generation to control their gifts and hopefully one day help mankind. Now that day has come....

After the battle in Switzerland, the Fugitive Six find their allegiances torn, dividing them into different factions. Taylor, Kopano, and Nigel return to the Academy with Nine, but nothing is the same. As fear and resentment of the Human Garde continues to grow, the United Nations decrees that all humans with Legacies must be equipped with inhibitors. And our heroes have no choice but to rebel. The only hope for the Human Garde’s survival is for the Academy students to team up with Einar and the renegades—Isabel, Caleb, and Ran—to fight back against their true enemies.