Denis Ever After

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Author: Tony Abbott

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Denis Egan is dead.

Hes okay with that. Its been five years since he died, and Port Haven, the place where souls go, is actually pretty nice. Sure, there are some things about his life and how it ended he cant quite recall, but thats how its supposed to be. Remembering could prevent Denis from moving on to whatevers next.

However, something is standing in his way. His twin brother, Matt, cant let go of him, and as long as the living are holding on to his memory, Denis cant rest in peace. So he returns to his hometown of Buckwood, Pennsylvania, to find out why Matt is still so obsessed, only to realize that the circumstances surrounding his death are not at all what he imagined.

To uncover the truth about what happened that day five years before, Denis teams up with Matt. But leaving Port Haven for too long has painful consequences for Denis, and Matts renewed interest in his brothers passing is driving a wedge between his still-grieving parents. Can the two boys solve the mystery of Deniss death without breaking apart the family hes left behind?